From the point of departure to the final destination - you are on the safe side with Destan Transport

Striving to be a world-class brand in heavy and private transport, 'Destan Transport ve Lojistik' is run by a professional team. The company specializes in all sectors of the logistics chain and offers convenient services and an integrated understanding of service.

"Destan Transport" - capable of providing services all over the world - offers the best and most accurate services from the point of departure to the final destination thanks to tracking and control capabilities.

Our vision and mission:
Our vision and mission is to become a leading international transport company in the future, with the attitude that our satisfied customers are a guarantee of our future; We provide fast, reliable and timely transportation services, which keep customers satisfied. The company shows respect towards the environment and complies with laws and other regulations; respects workers' rights and working conditions; considers the rights of the company and transparency.

Destan Transport offers
a wide variety
of transportation options

We tailor our services to the needs of our customers

Domestic transport

International transport

Destan Nakliyat offers its customers project - and heavy transport services, as well as conventional transport; thanks to meeting modern requirements with its wide distribution network, the company offers 24/7 services (around the clock) and services with schedules and deadlines.

Destan Nakliyat offers its customers a wide range of air and sea transport services, taking into account the load, schedule and cost table. Our company tries to determine the needs and creates solutions based on those needs. Fast and damage-free deliveries are guaranteed anywhere in the world by air and sea transport.

Air transport

Maritime shipping

Destan Nakliyat has become one of the leading brands in aviation transportation due to its experience in the industry and working principles. Destan has the ability to meet all kinds of customer requirements thanks to investments to meet the demands of quality services and affordable solutions that appear on the international scene thanks to foreign competition.

Destan offers port and door delivery services as well as combined modes of transport such as truck+ship, plane+ship or train+ship and FCL and LCL transportation services through its strong supply chain, shipments to and from Turkey from all over the world and vice versa; We has the structure to provide more than one of the options for each transport service.

Road transport

Rail transport

Destan Transport and Logistics has become the leading company in its branch and offers services for you, our customers, in international road transport with its accumulated experience and with the care for our company. We offer complete and partial transport services and have the C2 certificate.

Destan offers safe and affordable rail travel options. Transportation is provided under stable conditions in either closed or open wagons depending on the type of product. We provide rail transport services in all possible directions.


Insurance costs & customs duties

We are always at your side at every step of the logistics parallel with the experience, organization, infrastructure, attitudes and values ​​that we have.

  • Planning the international transport in the fastest way by taking the products from the related place of production,
  • Customs declarations of foreign products in the most efficient way,
  • Ensuring intermediate transport from all vehicles guaranteed and insured by customs authorities,
  • Professional tracking,
  • Effective reporting capabilities,
  • The storage of the products with the storage system,
  • Implementation of value-added operations in accordance with the services of buyers' requests,
  • Sending the products to all points located in Turkey in the most effective way possible; The dispatch is based on specific performance indicators and the acquisition of the reports or information from the customer service departments in the fastest possible way,
You can constantly discuss your supply chain with our logistics team and purchase the permanent efficiency plan.

Destan Nakliyet takes the same understanding of quality in carrying out storage, insurance and customs clearance as in all other services offered; The company also provides central and regional warehousing services to its customers.

Customs clearance
Modern shelving systems, loading and unloading and parking services, warehouse management and tracking form the basis of warehouse services. Destan Nakliyat's prompt and hassle-free warehousing services provides a significant competitive advantage to our customers.


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Transport without borders

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We offer multimodal transport, heavy & private transport as well as industrial crane services.

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